It can be challenging to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. But they are family, and you love them in good times and bad. Depending on what stage of Alzheimer’s they are at, it can also be difficult to communicate with them. They may refuse to do what you ask of them, have trouble following directions or answering simple questions, or may even start talking about things that happened a long time ago, or never happened at all. However, you must remain patient & empathetic. To make communication easier with them, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Talk to them when they are most alert – Older adults with Alzheimer’s often cycle through periods of alertness and confusion. Therefore, it is best to have conversations with them when they seem present, aware, & engaged. If they are frustrated or irritated due to any reason, take a break and try again later.

Make eye contact – Look at your senior loved one when you’re speaking to them so you know you have their attention. Speak in a slow, gentle tone so they can easily understand what you are saying. If you want, you can even consider using visual cues or tangible objects as reminders. Besides that, limit other distractions to make sure they remain focused on you instead of listening to noise coming from the television, radio, etc.

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Give them time to answer – Ask your loved one simple and straightforward questions, and give them some time to think & formulate a response. Rushing them can make them feel confused. You can also provide them some guidance by asking a follow-up question or restating what you think they said to help them clarify their thoughts.

If your aging parent/grandparent lives independently, enlisting the help of an in-home care provider that is trained in working with older adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can be beneficial. You can rest easier knowing that they are receiving the level of care they need. Learn more about Alzheimer care offered by Always Best Care in Passaic County by calling @ (877) 318-0529.