For now, working from home has become a standard way of doing business for employees across the United States. Your home office may have you feeling stuck in more ways than one – mentally, physically, and within the radius of your home. With a new routine that may include rolling out of bed five minutes before you ‘clock in’ and starting the workday in your pajamas, it is essential to keep your body agile and moving.

Don’t underscore the benefits of movement! Ensure that you are physically great and mentally healthy; the body and mind go hand-in-hand to promote a balanced, healthier lifestyle. During these times, it is easy to stay in bed and more challenging to get outdoors. Make a conscious effort to get out of your seat and away from the desk (without getting fired).

Below are five tips on staying loose and pain-free while working from home:

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Start your day with a stretch –

As soon as your alarm goes off, don’t hit the snooze button! Try starting your day with a stretching routine. Stretching first thing gets your body ready for a new day. Relieve pain and stiffness from your night of sleep and relax your muscles to begin a more stress-free day. All you need is five minutes to cover you whole body – back, legs, arms, neck – and you will have more mobility for the day!

Keep check of your posture –

At home or in the office, it can be hard to maintain good posture while working in front of a computer all day. It is not uncommon to find yourself hunched over the keyboard or slumped in your bed using your laptop. Remember that good posture will relieve stationary pain, and bad posture will have you feeling those small aches and spasms in your neck and back. Keep your shoulders relaxed, your back straight, and your feet firm on the ground. While it may feel better to slump over at the moment, good posture will make you feel loose and energetic in the long run.

Get a good chair or a standing desk –

Investing in a good chair that is sturdy and comfortable will do wonders for your body. Since you spend most of your day working, you want something reliable, which will support your body, especially the lower back. Many people opt for gaming chairs because they are specifically manufactured for individuals who sit in front of a screen for long periods. Another good alternative is a standing desk, especially if you are the type of person who needs more movement. A standing desk allows you the freedom to transfer weight and exercise core muscles. Whether you want to sit or stand, make sure you are comfy.

Listen to your body –

You know your body better than anyone else, so you’ll realize when something is off or if there is a pain that wasn’t there yesterday. If you feel shakier, you may be dehydrated. If there is a pain in your lower back that is growing, you may need to stretch that area or talk to a chiropractor if it continues. Always listen to your body!

Maintain a balanced diet, exercise, and mental health routine –

Lastly, keep up with maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and finding an outlet to promote your mental health. Go back to the basics to stay pain-free! Eating healthy, daily movement, and performing an activity that relaxes you will get you on the right track to feeling great.

Make the Most of Your Movement!

Putting these tips into action ensures that you avoid any unnecessary pain during the pandemic. These tips are also great whether you are working from home or in the office. While every day is uncertain, maintaining a routine and controlling your body will provide a sense of calm – a critical component to staying stress and pain-free.

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