Night Walk: In memory of 9/11
A cool night, finally. A soft breeze.
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Walking, walking, no distractions other than an occasional car passing by.
Crickets and katydids surround me with their chirping song.

No real sense of distance in the darkened streets.
Houses make themselves known by lights peeking through window shades.

A half moon throws shadows of leafy branches across my path.
All is calm.
I turn the corner and look up, into an open patch of sky.
Taken by surprise, I come to a complete stop. I stop breathing.
There it is, 20 miles away. A beam of light points upward, piercing the clouds on its way to heaven.
My heart is broken again.
Catching my breath, I resolve to take in that light and radiate it through my world. Light worker. May we all be light workers.
Walking, walking. Looking over my shoulder to hold that light until I reach the comfort of home.
Fern Weis, September 11, 2016