It seems that in a time of crisis, those that give the most are often asked to give even more. Such is the case with the nurses of the Wayne Education Association. Our intrepid nurses went beyond what most would dare to ask over this past year. They have covid-tested and contact-traced morning, noon and night and kept track of students and staff quarantining. These warrior-nurses have ministered to those that suffered from the virus, and they have tended to the emotional well-being of our students, their families and our community.

And now they have once again stepped up during this seemingly never ending crisis to do more. As is their way, the Wayne nurses volunteered over their spring break to work at the Wayne Vaccination Center. Their work at the clinic will help speed the recovery of our hard-hit town and county.

WEA nurses Connie Venturelli, Peggy Serek, Anita Dispenziere, Suzanne Deutsch, Lisa Sliva, Sue Napolitano, and Kathy Peragallo volunteered their time to assist in giving the vaccine and protecting our town.

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Mayor Chris Vergano has been working to get Wayne educators vaccinated. Just as in the past, the Mayor deserves praise for his efforts during this crisis and in getting our educators an opportunity to roll up their sleeves. But the mayor quickly turned the attention and praise back to the nurses. The mayor explained, “ We have given over 8,000 first and second doses at our COVID vaccine center at Macy’s. The school nurses contacted us immediately to help and we are very grateful for their assistance.”

WEA Nurse Kathy Peragallo added, “We were happy to volunteer and serve the community in this very important way. Every person who is vaccinated is helping the whole community at large to overcome the effects of this pandemic.”

WEA President Eda Ferrante was likewise taken by the selflessness of the nurses. “ Walking into Macy’s and seeing WEA nurses vaccinating residents was a proud moment. Receiving my first vaccination shot from my colleague and friend Suzanne Deutsch was the icing on the cake. The service that our school nurses are providing is allowing our community to become a safer place for not only the residents but for our students and staff.”