As the school year gets underway, concern for the health and safety of the students and staff of the Wayne Public Schools continues to grow.  The Wayne Education Association (WEA) shares those concerns and has taken a step to help to ease one of them.

With the limited number of PPE being supplied by the administration, the WEA wanted to step up and provide additional protections. To this end, the WEA has purchased close to 500 desk shields for the students within our district’s schools. These shields can be used along with masks to serve as an additional barrier to prevent the spread of germs within the classroom.  In addition to the desk shields for students, the WEA also purchased desk shields for any teachers who wanted this additional protection as well.

The well-being of Wayne’s students and staff is essential in the success of our district’s hybrid model.  The WEA is—and will continue to be—a vocal advocate to ensure that they get the best possible protections.  After all, we believe our members’ and students’ health and safety should never be a labor-management issue, but rather a universally shared goal.