It is an honor each year to participate and sponsor the Community Drug forum with Mayor Vergano, the Wayne Alliance, the Wayne Public Schools, and the Wayne Police Department. This year we have partnered with our school paraprofessionals and custodians to make the program even more inclusive. Drug awareness and mental health are two major issues not only impacting our students and families, but all communities. It is global. To combat it, this yearly program helps families bring attention to and address drug affliction. Our motto has always been, even if we can help just one child or family, it is worth it.

Through grants from NJEA, we are able to host a wide variety of community events and programs that help Wayne. Most recently, we hosted a virtual parent program to combat the mental toll that the COVID pandemic has had on our students. Through this program and the Passaic County Circle of Care, we were also able to financially help Wayne families in need.

Being involved with our community is all about helping the students and their families. As unions of teachers, secretaries, paraprofessionals and custodians, we feel it is our duty, and also our privilege, to serve our community. Hopefully, we are helping to ensure that Wayne continues to be a safe and enjoyable place to live, as well as attend school.