WAYNE, NJ – Despite the coronavirus pandemic that has shuttered businesses and schools and forced residents into their homes for the foreseeable future, popular children’s author, entertainer, and Wayne resident Jolie “Miss Jolie” Della Valle has just launched her second children’s book, aptly named for the times: “Searching For Good Luck.”

“I don't think it's a coincidence that this three-plus year project of publishing my children's book wrapped itself up just in time to be ready now,” said Miss Jolie. “The world needs the reminder more than ever to hone-in on gratitude and mindfulness.”

Like all other children’s entertainers, Miss Jolie had all of her upcoming performances canceled, wiping out her future income. “Thankfully, I have the tools to reshape my thoughts from worry and fear to those of acceptance and gratitude,” she said. “I am enjoying the unexpected time home with my three-year-old son with lots of resting and reflecting.”

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Miss Jolie’s overarching message during her performances and in her two books are about remaining positive and staying grateful. She directs this message to children with songs and stories and an unwavering joy as she performs. In her first book Georgie & The Ants in the Pants, Jolie’s message was about individuality and the power of believing in yourself.  In Searching for Good Luck, the author takes a dive into the exploration of feelings and emotions and the power of gratitude.

“I believe the most powerful feeling we can choose to focus on each day is gratitude,” said Miss Jolie. “With gratitude, we open our hearts and minds to love, compassion, positivity, and sharing that gift with others too.” In the face of an unprecedented global health crisis, where fear can be a common element in everyday life, Miss Jolie’s message is even more significant.

Searching for Good Luck is a story about Beastie and his long search for good luck. In the end, Beastie realizes that he had been lucky all along and it was just a matter of self-reflection for him to realize it.

“My hope is that Searching for Good Luck becomes a tool for parents and teachers to develop a deeper sense of appreciation for the "little" things that may go unnoticed on a daily basis,” she said. “Ultimately, it’s our mindset and our ability to realize that we have many things to be thankful for that can reshape our experience and allow us to notice the beauty in our everyday lives,” said the author. “We need this reminder of mindfulness and gratitude more than ever as we navigate through our current uncertain times.”

Although Miss Jolie’s live performances have been canceled, she has begun an online youtube series called: Music, Movement, and Mindfulness with Miss Jolie! “In this series I sprinkle mindfulness into music and movement, so children can gain the benefits of mindfulness moments while having fun,” she said.

Searching for Good Luck is now available on Miss Jolie’s website: www.MissJolieMusic.com/store