WAYNE, NJ – Panic shopping seems to have eased off some in Wayne and a larger selection of meat has been available, but supplies were limited.

Paul Corrado of Corrado’s market explained the issues with food distribution. “if you order twenty, you’re only getting three, or four, or five. I don’t think the distributors can take the demand, so everything is delayed.

“As far as meat, they’re telling me we should be better off soon,” Corrado said. “We’re getting plenty of bread, milk and eggs, but they’re coming off the shelf too fast, so at this point we can’t replenish them fast enough.”

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Will there be food for everyone? “There’ll be plenty of food, once things calm down, I believe it’ll be fine,” said Corrado. “But, a lot of imported items have been stopped, so you’ll see more domestic product.”

Jim Brite was shopping at Stop & Shop. He was asked if he was finding what he was looking for? “Some of it. There’s enough to get by.”

He then added: “I don’t understand the hoarding craziness. The food chain continues to operate. Factories are still running. There’s not more people, so I figure that in a week or ten days, things will get back to normal here.”

At the Super Foodtown near Packanack Lake, Brittany Lefebbre was shopping with her partner Justin LaCorte: “We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, so we’re just stocking up on different goods, making sure we’re prepared for a lock-down or if things continue this way for a while,” she said.

They were asked if they had enough toilet paper. LaCorte answered: “We’d just bought some a week before everything hit the fan, so we got lucky. There’s only two of us in our apartment, so as long as we’re not having taco night, we’re good,” he said with a laugh.


All of the five main markets in Wayne are receiving deliveries on a regular basis so all of the stores were well-stocked on just about every item

  • There is still no Toilet Paper for sale anywhere in Wayne, and cleaning supplies are very limited.
  • It’s to be expected that Bleach was hard to find, but there is hardly any laundry detergent on any store shelves.
  • Baby food and diapers were in all the stores, but baby wipes were hard to find.
  • Hand soap was limited, but dish soap was available.
  • Canned goods were limited, especially beans.
  • Fresh produce was readily available, but not everything in the quantities that we are used to seeing.
  • The Good News: Pasta and sauces are coming back.
  • The really Good News: There was plenty of bacon in most stores.

The following is a snapshot in time of supplies at each store.

Corrado’s Market – Berdan Avenue

  • Eggs – very limited
  • Bread – Plenty
  • Milk – Limited
  • Meat – Limited – no chicken.
  • No Paper Towels

Shoprite – Hamburg Tpk near Valley Road

  • Eggs were almost all gone, even though there was a store mandated restriction of two dozen eggs per customer.
  • Bread – Plenty
  • Milk – Yes
  • Plenty of Pork, limited beef and very few chicken thigh packages were available.
  • Canned goods – limited
  • Some paper towels


Stop & Shop – in the Preakness Shopping Center  *Offers special shopping hours for seniors from 6:00am – 7:30am

  • Eggs – Plenty, but the store is only allowing one dozen per shopper per day.
  • Bread – Plenty
  • Milk – Plenty
  • Canned Goods – Limited
  • Meat – Very limited. Mostly pork, some beef and no chicken.
  • No Paper Towels


Super Foodtown on 23 near Pacakanack Lake

  • Eggs – None
  • Bacon – None!  Say What?!
  • Bread – Plenty
  • Milk – Limited
  • Canned goods – Limited
  • No Paper Towels and no Orange Juice.

*Packanackers clearly love breakfast!


Trader Joe’s in the Preakness Shopping Center. Store restriction of only two of any item can be purchased. As the smallest of all the shopping centers, selection is the most limited.

  • Eggs – Some
  • Meat – Very Limited – No chicken
  • Bread – Plenty
  • Milk – Limited
  • No Paper Towels or cleaning supplies

At this week’s Town Council meeting, Mayor Chris Vergano said: “Whoever is buying up all the toilet paper in town… Please Stop!"