WAYNE, NJ – This January is the sixteenth annual School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey.  It is an opportunity for Wayne residents to recognize and give thanks to members of the Wayne Board of Education (BOE) members who volunteer their time with no pay to oversee the operation of the entire school district.

In New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s proclamation, he declared: “New Jersey’s local boards of education endeavor to meet the challenges facing public schools and help students attain the education necessary for postsecondary success, so they may compete in a global economy.”

The Wayne Board of Education members are responsible for nine elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, and over one thousand school district employees. Their purview includes budgeting/finances, policy, curriculum and staffing.

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Wayne Township has a reputation for having outstanding schools and the Wayne BOE deserves credit for maintaining the quality of education in Wayne.

Cathy Kazan, the current President of the Wayne BOE in speaking of the members of the BOE said: “We do this to serve our community and to ensure our students have the best. We don’t run the schools. That’s not our job, but it is our job to manage the budget, to create the policy and to work with the Superintendent to set and attain goals.”

Kazan was asked if being a BOE member was sometimes a thankless job. “I feel that if we hear nothing, we’re doing a good job, because typically people don’t go out of their way to thank you. But they will make sure they tell you if there is a problem,” she said with a smile. “That’s okay, that’s the nature of the position. It’s people’s relationship to government in general. Rarely do we take much of an interest in it until something goes awry.”

"All the trustees are here for the same reason: it's for the kids,” she said. “I believe we all enjoy the work, or we wouldn’t do it. We just hope the community understands that we are here for them.”

We, at TAPinto Wayne encourage all residents of Wayne to extend a thank you to each of the following BOE members.  Not all will agree with all of their decisions, but we can agree that a large amount of effort, dedication, professionalism and time is expended by each of these members on behalf of the entire town and that is worthy of thanks.

The 2020 Wayne Board of Education:

  • President, Cathy Kazan
  • Vice President Suzanne Pudup
  • Eileen Albanese
  • Michael Bubba
  • Sean Duffy
  • Matthew Giordano
  • Dawn Kumar
  • Don Pavlack, Jr
  • Stacey Scher