WAYNE- In case you missed all the big yellow school buses all around town Wednesday morning and afternoon, Wayne Public Schools had their opening yesterday and eager students came flocking back to the fourteen facilities throughout town. 

Okay, eager might be a stretch, but they came anyway - It’s the law after all.

At the public meeting of the Wayne Town Council on Wednesday evening, Town Safety Commissioner Bob Coe spoke briefly about keeping our children safe now that school has started. “Be very careful when you bring your kids to school. They will run out between cars, so use extra care. The same thing when driving on the streets especially before and after school. The kids are rushing to meet the bus, or you’re rushing to meet somebody, and they might not be looking, so it’s our job to keep an eye out.  Also, when you see a school bus and it has its yellow flashing lights, just remember that there’s no passing.”

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Did you know? Wayne Back to School edition:

  • There are 7,794 students enrolled in the Wayne public school system.
    • 3,358 at two high schools
    • 1,901 at three middle schools
    • 2,535 at nine elementary schools
  • The average student to teacher ratio is 11.7:1 
    • The New Jersey student to teacher ratio average is 12:1
    • The national average is 16:1
  • 817 faculty members serve all fourteen schools
    • 73.1% of faculty hold a master’s degree or higher.
  • Elementary opportunities include:
    • Robotics for grades 4 and 5
    • Makerspace for Kindergarten through grade 5
    • Gifted and Talented lessons with 1,150 students
    • Enrichment lessons
  • 24 different AP classes offered.
    • 360 Wayne Hills students took 713 AP Classes
    • 391 Wayne Valley students took 868 AP Classes
    • 700+ students earned college credits in the Wayne Dual Credit Enrollment Program.
  • Students participating in Fine & Performing Arts:
    • Elementary: All
    • Middle: 1,022
    • High School: 1,376
  • Theatre Arts Performances:
    • Elementary: 56
    • Middle: 18
    • High School: 26
  • There are 34 Varsity level sports held over three seasons at each high school
    • 1,355 Wayne Hills students participated
    • 1,187 Wayne Valley students participated
  • Athletic Championships won over the past three years
    • Wayne Hills: 47
    • Wayne Valley: 52
  • Average SAT scores:
    • Wayne Hills: 1157
    • Wayne Valley: 1171
    • New Jersey: 1103
    • National: 1060
  • Wayne Public Schools recognition:
    •  The 9th Annual AP District Honor Roll
    • U.S. News Rankings BEST High Schools
    • Niche rankings of 2019 Best Schools gave an ‘A’ grade for:
      • Best School Districts
      • Safest School Districts
      • Best Teachers
      • Best Places to Teach and Best School Districts for Athletes

Wayne public schools has a lot to be proud of!