My name is Brandon Vecere, I graduated from Wayne Valley in 2017, and I played center-back and center midfield for Coach Roca.

I’ve had the privilege of playing for Coach Roca his first two years at Wayne Valley my junior and senior year. Throughout those two years, he and I developed a great relationship as player and coach, but we also developed a close friendship as well.

I’ve had the ability to play at the highest level as a club player and have played for many different coaches along my soccer career and Coach Roca is one of the best coaches I have ever played for. He truly cares about his players and gets to know them in order to build strong relationships.

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Based on my experience as a player and his experience as a coach, he is the best person to run a successful winning program.

I don’t know exactly what the reason was for the decision to fire him of his position, but in order to develop a winning program, you have to make decisions that you feel are right. This could include playing certain players more than others and sometimes being hard on players.

High school sports are about enjoying the season, but it’s also about winning games and the decisions that Coach Roca made while playing for him were always with the effort to produce the best results possible for the team.

Based on my club experience, you’re not always going to get what you want as a player as far as playing time and coaches are going to be hard on you, but that’s with the intent of motivating you to be a better player and putting in the work to earn your spot.

After my final season with Coach Roca, I was looking to play college soccer and I reached out to him to email coaches for me. He immediately took the initiative to email coaches on my behalf to help me out in finding the right school for me. Although I ultimately decided to not play in college, he was always willing to help me out and would do that for any player that he coaches.

I think that he should be reinstated as coach of Wayne Valley as it will be hard to replace a coach like him who truly cares about his players and has the knowledge to know what is right for a program.