Hello, my name is Scott Sherin, I played under Sam Roca my senior year of high school in 2016.
One of the things that differentiate excellent coaches and average coaches is the ability to bring out the best in their players. As a person who’s been playing organized sports since age 5, I’ve seen every type of personality that could exist in a coach and I’ve certainly had my complaints. I can truly say that I’ve never had a coach that has motivated me to be the best I can, and held me accountable to put in my full level of effort each and every day to achieve our goals.
I’ve had coaches who are unnecessarily aggressive, rude, overbearing, etc. I can assure you that Sam Roca is not one of these people. His professionalism and attitude is exactly what rallied an average group of soccer players to a county final that they had no business being in.
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He motivated us to believe in ourselves.
I can truly say that Coach Roca helped mold me into the man I am today. I encourage you to remember that this is the highest level of high school sport- this isn’t a recreational league for small children where everybody should get a pat on the back and a participation ribbon for showing up on time.

If you want a coach who inspires his players, acts as a role model to young men in need of guidance and wisdom, and knows that success comes from discipline and effort, there is no better man for the job.
Any other coach would be a down grade.
I’m strongly encouraging you to reinstate Sam Roca immediately.