WAYNE, NJ – The Wayne Township Public Library is working on a Living History Project to document the lives of ordinary residents during this extraordinary time, and they need your help. 

“The first six months of 2020 have seen the confluence of national and global events that have impacted us all in the most personal of ways,” said reference librarian, Patty Slezak. “We are interested in documenting the history of these turbulent times from the perspective of the residents of Wayne Township.”

Instructions for participating are below. 

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What will people thirty, fifty or a hundred years from now know about this time?  What will history show them?  This project will determine these answers and your participation will help tell the tales of what life was like during the COVID-19 pandemic here in Wayne.

Maybe your grandchildren or great grandchildren will learn from this project in school some day.


Wayne Township's “Stay At Home” Stories - A Mixed Media Archive of 2020 in the Township of Wayne

Residents, community organizations and businesses are invited to record their stories as a way to document this unprecedented time.

Responses can be submitted in any format: short stories, journal entries, photographs, a photo of artwork, recipes of meals you cooked, or video recordings about your experiences.

All submissions, except for videos may be attached to our form (link below), and will be added to the library’s Local History Collection.

Please keep videos to under 5 minutes and include only your first name in the video.

Information on how to submit your videos will be emailed once you submit the form. All video projects will be uploaded on the library's YouTube channel. Please keep content appropriate for public consumption and in line with the Library’s Code of Conduct. We look forward to bearing witness to your living history, and preserving it so future generations can see your truth.

Tell us about some of your “stay at home” experience:

  • What are some of the things you did during the pandemic?
  • Did you do anything you now cherish because you may not have had the time to do it before?
  • Did you create anything during the pandemic?
  • How did you keep connected with your family? Your community?
  • Were you an essential worker? Please tell us about your experiences.
  • Did you fully quarantine? Please tell us about your experience.
  • Did you celebrate a special event (birthday, anniversary, graduation) during the pandemic?
  • Did you homeschool? Students, parents, or teachers, please tell us about your experiences.
  • Describe your experiences with cooking, shopping, ordering out.
  • Describe what you learned about yourself, your family, friends, and community during the pandemic.

For further information and submission form, go to: