Mikie Sherrill (D- NJ11) was elected to Congress two years ago with a great resume and great promise. So after her first term, let’s look at the report card and see if she gets promoted.

Congresswoman Sherrill has dedicated her entire adult life to serving her nation: naval officer, federal prosecutor and member of Congress. I was especially impressed at how she hit the ground running in Washington and was so effective in supporting sensible positions, making good decisions and being there for her local constituents.

Mikie was under constant pressure to take more progressive stances, despite her usually centrist personal  political philosophy. Yet she was true to herself and stuck to her guns. As a former politician myself, I know how hard it can be to hold fast. She had promised to work across the aisle to get things done, and she delivered. I love how Mikie can be so personable and relatable yet tough and determined as the situation demands. All of these qualities make her an ideal Congress member.

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My point is simple. Mikie Sherrill has earned a second term in Congress. She has held true to her promises; she has delivered outstanding service to her district; she continues to be an exceptional public servant. Her opponent, a lobbyist from congressional district 7 can’t hold a candle to her.

Send Mikie Sherrill back to Congress She is making a difference at a critical time in our country's history!