WAYNE, NJ – Mayor Chris Vergano posted his daily coronavirus update to the Township website and also did a reverse 911 call with a recorded message. The Mayor had the difficult duty to inform the town that the number of Wayne residents who have died from complications of COVID-19 has grown.  “Today I am saddened to report an additional eight deaths that were reported to us today by the New Jersey Department of Health,” said Vergano.

These deaths did not all happen yesterday or today, but it wasn’t until today that the New Jersey Department of Health reported these deaths to the municipal Health Department.

The Mayor gave the age, gender and dates of passing for each:

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  • 75 year old male who passed on March 31
  • 74 year old male who passed on April 1
  • 92 year old female who passed on April 2
  • 75 year old female who passed on April 3
  • 75 year old female who passed on April 3
  • 94 year old female who passed on April 3
  • 84 year old female who passed on April 4
  • 64 year old male who passed on April 7

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family members at this time,” said Vergano solemnly.

“Please stay away from our nursing homes,” said the Mayor. “The state has established a hotline to call if you believe there's a problem in one of the nursing homes. The phone number is 800-792-9770”

The number of additional positive cases reported by the Mayor today was twenty. The cumulative number is now 490 Wayne residents who have tested positive for the virus.

Today’s numbers:

  • Men: 8
  • Women: 12
  • Average age: 59 years old
  • Age range: 29 to 85 years old

There are nine Wayne residents currently being treated in local hospitals, according to the Mayor.

During his video, the Mayor spoke in his usual calm manor, but during the reverse 911 call, he was much more emotional, and his tone was edged with determination as he implored parents to speak with their kids about congregating in groups. “The time for play dates is over,” he demanded. “The time for hanging out with your friends is over. Tell your kids about the eight deaths that I just reported. Tell them to stay six-feet away from their friends.”

Vergano announced that the Passaic County COVID-19 testing facility at William Paterson needs volunteers.  If you want to volunteer, email the Mayor: mayor@waynetownship.com

The Mayor reminded residents:

  • All of Wayne Parks are closed
  • Everyone MUST wear a mask or cloth-covering when out in public
  • No one should throw disposable gloves or masks on the ground or in toilets
  • To say thank you to everyone who are working: The person pumping gas, restocking shelves at the grocery store and Township employees who are still keeping the town running.

He then thanked the staff at Packanack Lake Elementary School for their donation to the FLAG of Greater Wayne group. He also thanked the Monello family for their donation which provided meals for many at Saint Joseph's hospital in Paterson this week.

“I am overwhelmed by the amount of people who are donating their time and making financial contributions to help feed those on the frontline,” said the Mayor.

“Wayne residents are home making masks and face Shields, our First-Aid squad is still busy, our Fire Department is still answering calls and I could not be prouder of the 114 men and women who wear the badge of the Wayne Police Department,” he said.

Vergano finished with: “Now is the time that we should all join together as one Wayne and take care of our neighbors; and most importantly practice social distancing. Today was a tough day with the amount of deaths reported. We can get through this, but we all have to work together.”