WAYNE, NJ – Mayor Vergano’s daily coronavirus update included many suggestions to residents.  Here is the summary:

“We expected the number of our positive test results to increase, and unfortunately, they have,” said Vergano. “Today I can report that we have an additional eleven positive test results.”

The new cases:

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  • 35-year-old male
  • 66-year-old female
  • 35-year-old male
  • 50-year-old male
  • 74-year-old female
  • 55-year-old female
  • 50-year-old female
  • 60-year-old male
  • 50-year-old male
  • 49-year-old male
  • 55-year-old female

“All of these new cases are being treated at home,” he said. “Of all the cases only one is being treated at the hospital.” Which is a sign that most cases of these coronavirus cases are not severe. 

“The positive cases are spread throughout the township, this is the reason we are urging everyone to please stay at home or stay six-feet away from people,” Vergano cautioned.

Vergano asked residents to help residents who are more at risk. “If you have elderly neighbors, now would be a good time to call them to see if they need anything before you go to the store,” he said.

The township website has a list of Wayne restaurants that remain open and offer carry-out and delivery. The Mayor asked residents to use their services. “We’re trying to keep small businesses alive,” he said.

He then talked about disinfectant wipes, and advised that all wipes get thrown in the trash and do not get flushed.  He is concerned that too many wipes flushed will cause sewage issues.

Another topic was one of Wayne’s favorites this year: clothing bins. “I understand this is a good time to stay home and clean out your closets,” said the Mayor. “Now is not a good time to drop off your clothes at a clothing bin.  They are full and are not necessarily being picked up on a regular basis.  Please hold on to your clothing a little bit longer, until we get through this.”

“Residents should be on heightened alert for fraudulent schemes, generally and particularly related to COVID-19 or Census 2020,” he continued. “If someone calls you on the phone and wants to sell you the COVID-19 antidote…It is not real. Do not give them money, do not give them your bank accounts. Also, Census workers will not be calling you on the phone. These are scams.”

The Mayor’s final advice: “If you’re wondering where the virus is, you can think that it is all over town, and that’s why we must all stay away from each other and stay home.”

To watch the entire video, click here: https://www.waynetownship.com/message-from-the-mayor.html