WAYNE, NJ – At his daily coronavirus update, Mayor Chris Vergano said: “Today is a sad day.”  He was referring to the passing of 34-year-old Paterson police officer Francesco Scorpo, who died on Sunday morning due to complications from the coronavirus. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Christina and his two young sons and to the Paterson Police Department.” See Story

The Mayor had more bad news to share. “I'm saddened to report an additional six deaths that were reported to us by the New Jersey Department of Health today,” he said. “Our thoughts and prayers also go out to their families.”

  • 76 year old female who passed on April 2
  • 69 year old male who passed on April 6
  • 96 year old female who passed on April 7
  • 75 year old female who passed on April 7
  • 92 year old female who passed on April 8
  • 75 year old female who passed on April 8

The total number of Wayne residents who have died from complications of COVID-19 now stands at twenty-one.

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“I can also report that we have additional 24 positive results from Saturday and 23 positive results from today; and the cumulative positive result number is now at 554,” said the Mayor.

“Although our new cases continue to be a steady number, I don't want you to be fooled to think that this pandemic is over,” he continued. “Keep in mind the six new deaths that I reported to you today. We need you to keep social distancing.”

The new positive cases include:

  • Men: 26
  • Women: 21
  • Average Age: 60
  • Range of Ages: 22 - 97








The good news is that the Mayor reported today that eight residents are being treated at local hospitals.  On Saturday, he reported nine, and last week it topped out at eleven.  So, three people have recovered and have been sent home to recuperate.

Switching gears, Vergano said: “I encourage you to be careful while walking. People are not used to having walkers on Osborne Terrace and this weekend people were walking in the middle of the road. Big mistake. Walk in your own neighborhood, stay six feet apart and stay safe say.”

The Passaic County COVID-19 testing site is still in operation and is in need of volunteers.  The Mayor asked those who wanted to volunteer to email: volunteers@passaiccountynj.org

He reminded the Township:

  • To wear a cloth face covering in public
  • To not throw disposable gloves and masks on the ground, calling the act “disgusting.”
  • All Township parks and recreational areas are closed
  • To thank those who continue to put themselves at risk by working for the public: in the hospitals, grocery stores, gas stations, the Township departments and other essential businesses.

“FLAG of greater Wayne, which is the frontline appreciation group will be delivering lunches and dinner for the day and night shift at the mobile intensive care unit and paramedics at Saint Joseph’s hospital today,” Vergano said. “In collaboration with the Gyro Grill in Wayne – A great place if you've never been there. They also hosted an Easter breakfast for the Saint Joseph’s of Wayne workers with the help of Jessica Matters who raised $300, along with the collaboration of Manhattan Bagels and Nothing Bundt Cakes; both of Wayne.”

In conclusion, Vergano said: “Today, I talked about the death of a Paterson police officer which puts everything in perspective. I also talked about the death of six new individuals from Wayne. We're not at the end of this yet. We need you to stay focused, stay home as much as possible and stay six feet apart from each other.”