WAYNE, NJ – Mayor Chris Vergano published his daily video update. Here is the summary.

“Today I can report an additional six positive cases,” said Vergano, which means forty-eight total positive cases in Wayne.

 New cases today include:

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  • 48-year-old male
  • 60-year-old male
  • 62-year-old female
  • 64-year-old male
  • 82-year-old female
  • 82-year-old male








“I also can report to you that of the total 48 reported positives, only four households have multiple positive results,” said the Mayor.

Starting today, we will publish a graph showing the demographics by age of those who have tested positive.

Here are the statistics, Mayor Vergano stated:

Of the 48 cases…

  • 26 are male – The average age for males is 45
  • 22 are female – The average age for females is 52
  • The average age of all the positive cases is 52









“We now have three residents being treated in the hospital,” said Vergano.

In a stark reminder of the seriousness of the situation, Wayne’s Mayor said: “If you are inclined, no matter what religion you practice, now would be a good time to say a prayer for these individuals who are members of our community.”

Tomorrow, a public health nurse will join Mayor Vergano in his update video to help explain the what the procedures are if you have been in contact with someone positive. “I think that my be informative for the community,” he said.

The mayor explained that the township website has many resources to help individuals and businesses during this crisis.  www.WayneTownship.com

The five main supermarkets in Wayne are stocking up, according to Vergano; and he believes the hoarding has slowed down.

“We continue to have a problem with people congregating together,” he said. “This holds especially true with the younger people of our community. Parents, you need to speak with your children if you haven’t done that by now.”

He announced that garbage and recycling pickups remain on their normal schedule; that vegetative pick-up doesn’t start until April 1 and that the recycling center is open on its normal 7-day per week schedule.

“I want to personally thank Stephanie Schwartz, the President of Chilton Medical Center and Ken Morris, the Vice President of External Affairs at St. Joseph’s Hospital for their assistance during COVID-19,” he said. “They have both gone above and beyond to assist our community during this pandemic and I really appreciate all that they have done.”

Scams are happening, according to Vergano: “If someone calls you saying you’re ready to be tested, it’s fake. Just hang up.”

The state has established a hotline for those having mental health issues: 866-202-4357.

He also said that to get tested for COVID-19 at the Passaic County Testing Site at William Paterson University, you must have a prescription from a physician, and you must be a Passaic County resident.

In mentioning that the library remains closed, Vergano said that late fees will be waived and residents can return their books when the library opens again, someday. He then said: “Someday is coming, we just have to get to it.”

To watch the whole video, click here: https://www.waynetownship.com/message-from-the-mayor.html