WAYNE, NJ – Wayne Township’s Stigma Free Initiative is offering a subsidized training for parents, teachers or anyone who works with children and wants to help shape their successful futures.

Over two Thursday nights, March 5 and March 12, Seth Rosen of the Family Support Organization of Passaic County will be presenting a cutting-edge behavioral training called the Nurtured Heart Approach®. 

According to the Children’s Success Foundation’s website: “The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a dynamic relationship-focused methodology that builds Inner Wealth™ in children, empowering them to channel their intensity in productive ways, ensuring their successful futures

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The Wayne Alliance’s Karen Marron has led the way in bringing this training to support Wayne families.

“We’re always looking for new ideas and trainings such as this to support our teachers, staff, parents and students, to help facilitate wellness initiatives” said Marron.

“Like the Mental Health First Aid Training we offered previously, which was just fantastic and a big success, this Nurtured Heart Approach training will provide you with a toolbox of positive ways to interact with anybody no matter the circumstances.”

As an example, Marron explained: “This is about retraining how we react to our children and giving our energy to positive things and away from negative things. We’re wired to react strongly to negative things: throwing your hands up, expressing your emotions on your face. This adds attention to the negative and strengthens it, whereas this approach can help you learn when you are doing this and to change how you react to strengthen the positive aspects of a situation.”

“Seth has been doing the training for a long time and it has really been proven to impact every child in a positive way,” said Marron.  “Not all children have severe behavior issues, but many are struggling socially and academically, so there are a lot of different ways you can use this approach.”

Teachers in other school districts have been using this approach, according to Marron. She says the training has really caught on. “Once people hear it and understand the approach” said Marron, “it really begins to become a part of how people act and react with children in a very positive way.”

The program is a total of six hours of training over two days and the cost is only $25.00. Sponsors such as Chilton Medical Center and the Wayne Alliance are subsidizing the rest of the costs.

Marron said that her favorite line from the training was: “We are the directors, producers and editors of every moment of our lives. We choose by where we put our energy, what moments get the dynamic music, the cameras zooming in, and which frames get left on the cutting room floor.”

“As a parent, you are directing your children’s own movies and helping them to become their own directors and we need to lead by example,” she said.

What you can learn from the training:

  • Shifting a child toward using his/her intensity in successful ways
  • Creating a deeper sense of success & Inner Wealth for the child
  • Building a family/school culture of authentic connection & trust
  • Improving performance – from test scores to chores
  • Ending the punitive cycle that reinforces negative behavior

Registration for the program is open now. Click here to download the registration form pdf