WAYNE, NJ - The George Floyd killing has sparked protests across the nation and across the globe.  On Saturday, June 6 at 2:00 p.m. a Black Lives Matter Protest and Rally will be held in Wayne as part of this global movement.

The organizers of the Wayne event are all recent Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley graduates:

  • Caroline Clarke Valley class of 2018
  • Timmy Thompson Valley class of 2019
  • Marisa Budnick Valley class of 2016
  • Hayley Budnick Valley calss of 2018
  • Lydiene Ajebe Hills class of 2018
  • Jayda Lindsey Valley class of 2017

"Our goal is to raise awareness of police brutality and violence against people of color across America and to educate people on the many issues that still plague communities of color," said Thompson. This includes  repercussions from past laws that have disadvantaged these communities."

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It is especially important to hold events like this in communities that are predominantly white," said Clarke. "So we can start the conversation and that people can be more educated on the issues, and be willing to listen and hopefully hear what victims of violence have to say."

The event is advertised as a peaceful protest and to that end, the organizers have been working with the Wayne Police Department and their Chief Jack McNiff. 

"We are not anti-police; we are anti-police brutality" Thompson said. "We support police officers across the nation, and we are very supportive and very grateful to the Wayne police department who have been helping to make this protest possible will be in attendance to keep everyone safe."

The organizers have requested that the township close a portion of Valley Road for the group to hold their protest march. McNiff stated that there would be intermittent road closures in the area of the municipal building to ensure safety.  Follow the Wayne Township and the Wayne Police Department social media for updates on road closures. 

Those who want to participate in the protest and rally are asked to be at the Wayne Township Municipal Complex near the library by 2:00pm.  The March down Valley Road will begin about 2:15pm. At around 2:45pm, the rally will begin and fourteen guests will be speaking.  The event itself should be over by 4:30pm.

The organizers of the protest are expressing strongly that this is a peaceful protest and no violence will be tolerated.  

"The Wayne Police Department has been working hand-in-hand with the organizers of this demonstration," said McNiff. "We look forward to assisting them to ensure that the rights of all members of our community are safeguarded while these voices are heard.  The amazing men and women of the Wayne Police Department will be present on Saturday, doing what they do best: Protecting with honor and serving with P.R.I.D.E. (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity Dedication, and Excellence)."