WAYNE, NJ – The commissioners for the Wayne Memorial First Aid Squad and the Wayne Fire Department both give reports to the Wayne Town Council at every Town Council Meeting.  Here are their reports for January 15, 2020:

Bob Coe, the Wayne First Aid Commissioner went first:

“Our statistics for December are as follows:

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  • Emergency Responses: 271
  • Accidents: 33
  • Accident Assists: 6
  • Fire Calls: 2
  • Pronouncements: 3
  • Standbys: 13
  • Refusals: 83
  • Cancelations: 54
  • Calls: 465

We ended the year with 4,750 calls. “Probably below our average but still about ninety calls per week that we are handling,” said Coe before ending with: “To date, the squad has taken 202,054 calls.”


Bob Minarick, the Wayne Fire Commissioner went next:

“We had 1,521 calls in 2019,” said Minarick. “This is well below our 2018 numbers of over 1900 calls. For that, we are very thankful. It seems like we are going in the right direction like the first aid squad.”

“Out of the fifty-nine calls we’ve had this year already,” he continued. “Two of the higher profile calls were both commercial fires. One was at the Clifton Adhesive, which is actually HB Fuller. It’s a hazardous material location. They make custom adhesives for a lot of different industries worldwide.”

Minarick continued: “It came in as a fire alarm, followed up by calls reporting smoke, followed up by a water flow alarm plus two pull stations, this told us that something real was going on. I was very happy to see that, besides the firefighters that went to the scene, the police and the ambulance squad, they all followed training and kept a wide berth of this facility until we knew exactly what we had. We tried to stay out of harm’s way and not become part of the problem. So, I give credit to all the agencies for doing the right thing at that fire. It ended up being a non-hazardous call and not in one of their higher profile locations in manufacturing. It was actually where rubber pellets were stored, and it was just a dark, dirty, smoky fire that we were able to take care of with the help of the sprinklers. See Story.

“The other fire was where the public was probably as anxious to get in as we were anxious to get out and that was at Dave and Busters in Willowbrook,” said Minarick.  “We had a fire in a commercial dryer that had product in it and when we got up to the laundry room, it was an extremely heavy smoke condition that was put out fairly quickly. Most of our time was spent getting the smoke out of the mall and Dave and Busters.” See Story.

Minarick finished with: “As we were leaving the site, it was tough to get past the people who were asking whether it was open, whether they could go back in.  I’d have to say that Dave and Busters did a great job getting that back into shape and getting the sprinkler system back up and passing the fire bureau and health department inspections and having the site open, I believe, a little later that evening. So, a good job done by all.”

“I’d like to take a second to thank Christian Healthcare Center and Doug Struyk,” said the Fire Commissioner. “Not only did they give us a very nice Gala back in October honoring all first responders from Hawthorne, Wyckoff and Wayne, but they also made a very significant donation to each of those organizations. They presented us with a check for $5,000 to the Wayne Fire Department and I believe they did the same for all the other Wayne first responder agencies. So, to Doug, his staff and their facilities I would like to say Thank you very much for helping us help Wayne. See Story.

In a surprise to this editor, Minarick recognized TAPinto Wayne.

“Lastly, I’d like to thank Ferris for doing a great job in accurately and efficiently reporting on his TAPinto Wayne site so that the public is well-informed as to what is going on with the Fire Department,” he said. “If you check on that, you’ll probably have a good idea of what I’m talking about up here each time that I come up.”