WAYNE – The Wayne Police Department posted three security camera pictures of an alleged thief and are looking for the public’s help to identify the man.

Your help will work toward making Wayne a safer place to live.  If you know the man in the pictures above, contact Detective Thomas Kartanowicz of the Wayne Police Department at 973-633-3532.

Deputy Chief Jack McNiff spoke about the importance of building relationships between the police department and the Wayne community: “By building a positive relationship with the community we serve, lines of communication are opened, and that proves to be an effective crime prevention strategy.” 

This is the line of communication McNiff is talking about. The Wayne Police Department’s job is to keep Wayne safe and they can be more effective with the public’s assistance. “I am humbled by the commitment and sacrifices each and every one of our officers makes for this great township, and I am grateful for what our men and women do for this community,” said McNiff.