A post on a group called “I’m From Wayne, NJ” on Facebook has a great take on how veteran’s helped shape Wayne.  It’s written by Rich Beck who is the founder of the “I’m from Wayne” nostalgia group. His family moved to Wayne in 1951 after his Mom and Dad built their house on Longwood Court. Beck was born here in 1957 and lived in town until he graduated college in 1979.

Beck’s father was a WWII pilot in Europe and met his future wife in Houston during flight training. Like many vets, while proud of it, he did not talk much about his WWII service. Fortunately, for his four children, he kept a treasure trove of documents, photos, and movies.

Beck’s Veteran’s Day post:

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Wayne’s population exploded starting about 70 years ago.

Many of our families who moved to WAYNE in the late 1940s and early 1950s and even the 1960s did so because soldiers who would become our parents had served and safely returned from WWII.

They added to Wayne’s existing strong foundation and changed it forever.

Please keep that in mind on Veteran’s Day.

Many of us would not be part of this town nor would we even exist, without their service.

More importantly, WAYNE would not have become the place we, who are members of the Boomer generation, loved growing up in. Families whose ancestors were saved by these people from certain death would not have become part of this community. The stories we share in this group would not have happened. The old and often rekindled friendships would not have sprouted.

This applies to those whose families arrived before this time and those who arrived more recently. Those Veterans came or returned to WAYNE, and it was never the same.

Most did not talk much about their service, if at all, and the majority are gone from our midst and exist only in our memories and memoirs and in the stories that their relatives share.

Be thankful and think about it once more later this month on the 4th Thursday of November as you gather at tables in Wayne and around the country.

Happy Veterans Day to those who can say, “I’m from WAYNE.”


The photos attached to this article came from people who shared them on the post and gave TAPinto Wayne permission to use them.