On only very rare occasions will my opinion be published on TAPinto Wayne.

Today is one exception, because I want to take the time to recognize and be thankful for a few people who have really embraced me and supported and continue to support my endeavor with this online Wayne news site.

When I started TAPinto Wayne, I knew two people who lived in Wayne.  I came to this town with no reputation, no experience and no real knowledge of the area.  I chose Wayne for my TAPinto franchise for purely commercial reasons, but soon discovered how truly amazing the people of Wayne are.

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I have been welcomed so warmly and with wide open arms by so many Wayne residents that I won't be able to name them all, but I will try.  The list of people below are at the top of my list of those that have made, not only my business better, but have made my life better with their kindness and support.

I am truly grateful for:

Annmarie DeGeorge of Realty Executives, who was an instant friend and supporter

Paul Bastante of Silk City Films, my personal tour guide of the history and culture of Wayne.

Barbara Roca, the real Mayor of Wayne and who is always happy to see me when I drop in (or at least she fakes it really well!)

Rosemary Acampora, The Director of Welfare for Wayne Township who may just be the kindest person I've ever met.

Robbin Gulino, The Coordinator for the Wayne Alliance who has such an amazing energy that she is always a pleasure to be around.

Franco Mazzei, President of the Wayne Town Council and a truly caring and selfless person.

Aileen Rivera, Councilwoman from Ward Five and without a doubt one of the sweetest politicians I believe I will ever meet.

Cathy Kazan, Board of Ed Member and President of the Wayne Democrat Club. Hard working, quick-witted, tenacious and fun to be around.

Paul Margiotta, Wayne Township Clerk who took the time to teach me how the Wayne government works and always has a kind word to say about my work.

Doreen Shoba, The Wayne Public Library Director who's smile is as infectious as her wonderful nature.

Jill Goordman Director of the Farmer's Market for the YMCA - A genuine, kind, laid-back and groovy girl.

Barbara Cohen and Cathy Czar at the WIN Food Pantry. Super friendly, and amazingly giving.

Laura Tiege,  Record-holding weightlifter and Director of the YMCA - There could not be a better person to represent the Wayne YMCA.

Trish Crincoli Jeskey. Though she is not from Wayne, she is an old friend who selflessly wants the best for me and likes every single one of my TAPinto Wayne Facebook posts.

The leaders at the American Legion Post 174 who do so much for Wayne residents and do it all "under the radar'

Lastly, Mayor Vergano. From what I have learned over the last couple of months, you shouldn't let the 'Plaid Santa' look fool you. He is the right man to be leading Wayne. He spends his lunch breaks from his "real job" running into Wayne to do ribbon-cutting ceremonies to support Wayne businesses or to attend events for seniors, or veterans and always makes time to speak to his constituents and make them laugh.  

Of course I'm forgetting someone (old age, what can I tell you?), so this article will likely be updated when that someone or someones remind me of my omission.

It has been a lot of long hours and hard work as I build this business, but these people and the Wayne community in general have made this a job I LOVE!

So with all my heart:  THANK YOU!