WayneQuest: A TAPinto Adventure is officially underway!

Adventurers, some clues you will receive should be easy to figure out and some won't be. 

All the help you need will be in TAPinto Wayne or by searching the internet. 

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if you're stuck, Google different combination of search terms.  Add "Wayne" or "Tapinto Wayne" into the search terms. Use synonyms of the clues. For example if a clue mentions the word "large," search "big."

The answers should seem obvious once you have figured out the whole clue.  If you are just guessing a location based on one word and you are not taking the rest of the clue into account, you are likely going to go to the wrong place.

At the end of the race, we will meet at the Taphouse Grille for a free lunch, and for raffle prizes.  To be elligible for prizes, one of your team members must show a picture of you and your team at every stop along your path.

Remember to tell the sponsors at each stop which path you are on, so you don't miss any stops.


Every registered participant was emailed a clue in the form of a number code.  

Below is the key you need to decipher your code.  Good luck, be safe and have fun!  See you at the finish line!

1 – P

2 – N

3 – Y

4 – K

5 – C

6 – T

7 – U

8 – S

9 – D

10 – M

11 – I

12 – Z

13 – H

14 – F

15 – X

16 – B

17 – L

18 – W

19 – E

20 – O

21 – A

22 – Q

23 – R

24 – V

25 – G

26 - J