FAIRFIELD, NJ - For the third consecutive year, law firms have designated Bederson LLP, the 44-professional-strong Fairfield-based accounting and advisory firm, as a top “Best Of” provider in an annual survey conducted by the New Jersey Law Journal.

This year, members of the New Jersey legal community voted Bederson “Best Of 2014” in all six categories that considered accounting firms: Best Litigation Accounting Firm, Best Forensic Accounting Firm, Best Business Accounting Firm, Best Matrimonial Financial Expert Accounting Firm, Best Economic Damages Accounting Firm, and Best Business Valuations Accounting Firm. Bederson captured Gold in the first four categories and Silver in the remaining ones.

“We are very grateful to be recognized by the legal community for the third year in a row. We will certainly continue to work hard to maintain and reinforce that professional trust,” said Matthew Schwartz, a partner in the Insolvency and Litigation Services Department. “These sought-after designations represent a vote of confidence and trust that is not only a testament to professional ability, but to long-standing client relationships.”

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"On the forensic side, having worked on many high profile New Jersey fraud cases, face-to-face meetings are critical and can spur additional discussion that leads to greater insight, and I can’t tell you how often we’ll  meet with a client to discuss a particular issue, only to discover during the conversation that there are additional important considerations that should be addressed,” said Bederson Insolvency Partner, Tim King.

“We have retained a focus on staying close to clients,” said Managing Partner Mark Mazza. “Some accounting firms have expanded through mergers and acquisitions, which may provide quick growth but often at the expense of Partner to client relationships.  In contrast, we have grown in a steady, controlled manner that enables us to stay ‘hands on’ with clients. We are not the biggest firm in the state, but the readers have certainly placed us ahead of the pack."

Bederson also stays current with technology, since “certain technological tools enhance the professional skills and knowledge of our team members, enabling them to offer even more value to our clients,” said Partner Kenneth E. Winslow, Chairman of the firm’s IT Department whose responsibilities include accounting services for law firms. “The recognition that Bederson has received from the legal community certainly supports that combining the best of technology with maintaining a focus on Partner to client relationships—leads to successful outcomes and deep, lasting client bonds. We are privileged to serve our clients and sincerely appreciate the support and trust they have placed in us over the years.“

The “Best Of” voting consisted of more than 60 categories encompassing professional service providers serving the legal community with six focused on accounting firms. The top three vote getters in each category were named “Best of 2014.”

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