WEST CALDWELL, NJ — Caldwell-West Caldwell (CWC) Superintendent of Schools James Heinegg warned members of the CWC community on Monday that some unidentified young people were going door-to-door in the area over the weekend and asking for donations.

According to Heinegg, these children told homeowners that it was a school fundraiser, and that the middle school was trying to raise money for technology.

“Our middle school is NOT running such a fundraiser, and in any case our district practice is not to have students go door-to-door for any kind of project,” said Heinegg. “We are uncertain how widespread this activity was, or whether the youths will be attempting to continue it. If someone does come to your door with such a request, though, it is not legitimate.”

Heinegg urged residents of the area to contact the district with any concerns.