CALDWELL, NJ — A multi-faceted traffic issue in the area of Essex Fells Elementary School was brought to the attention of the Caldwell Borough Council last week when a resident of Park Lane brought a petition signed by 18 neighborhood residents requesting that the mayor and council look into a solution.

According to the Caldwell resident, parents of students are lining up on Essex Road and throughout the adjacent neighborhood during pick-up and drop-off hours, and that excessive speeding is also occurring on residential streets within the borders of Caldwell. In fact, he said that one vehicle clocked in at 45 miles per hour based on a neighbor’s mobile application that detects the speed of passing cars.

“This causes problems for residents of Essex Road and Park Lane,” he said. “Vehicles are idling and polluting our colorful neighborhood, blocking driveways to residences and causing traffic hazards due to where they’re parking and their positioning on the corner of Essex Road and Park Lane.”

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He added that those who signed the petition believe that residents of the area “should not be unnecessarily inconvenienced by traffic from Essex Fells School.”

“Protocol for pickup could easily be changed and we do request that the council look at this and possibly have Essex Fells traffic confined to Essex Fells’ own borders,” he said, adding that there are a handful of possible solutions if the Caldwell council works together with the Essex Fells mayor and council.

As this is the second year that this has been a significant problem in the area, he said that Essex Fells and Caldwell Police Departments have been called but that the problem has become significantly worse.

Mayor Ann Dassing took note of the situation and thanked him for bringing it to the council’s attention.