FAIRFIELD, NJ — Cleaning personnel in the shop area of the Caldwell Mercedes located at 1230 Bloomfield Avenue reported the beginnings of a fire in the area at approximately 10:10 p.m. on Saturday.

According to the Fairfield Police Department, the reporting person(s) were in a different part of the building when they observed smoke and flames in the shop area. Officer Christopher Hlubik responded to the scene and assured that the building was evacuated. The business was closed at the time.

The smoke condition was very heavy to the point that he could not make his way to the area where the fire was, according to police. The Fairfield Fire Department arrived and was able to extinguish the blaze.

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According to police, a preliminary investigation indicated that a 2015 C300 Mercedes Benz was up on a lift and was apparently attached to a computer diagnostic machine. It appears that an electrical fire started and traveled up the lift and eventually caught the car on fire, police said. The sprinkler system activated and helped to assist in keeping the fire suppressed.

Although the direct fire damage had been confined to the Mercedes, the business itself received a substantial amount of smoke and water damage, police said. Additionally, other vehicles that were located on lifts in the shop may have also experienced both water and smoke damage. At present, the amount of damage sustained has not been calculated.