Moms and daughters wear many medical hats. We care for our children when they aren't feeling well, and often take care of our aging parents as well. We're also expected to keep track of everyone's medications, allergies, doctor visits, test results, and all things health and medical related. It's a huge undertaking, and for most of us, our record-keeping system is a folder or pile with doctor notes, insurance statements, and random test results.

And even more of an issue, the most important things—like your child's immunization records and list of allergies or your parents’ list of prescriptions, may not be up to date or could be completely missing.  

Knowing your family health history can also make the difference in diagnosing conditions as well as help health care providers in your overall care.

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There's an easy solution: personal portable health records. PPHR"s allow you to collect and track health information via a web portal and access these records on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can also grant access to others, which is helpful if you are not the only person who needs access to the information. You and a spouse (or anyone you designate) can have anytime access to the children's records. You and your siblings, as well as other caregivers, can all share your senior parents’ medical information and health history.

This information is available at all times to provide to health care professionals and emergency responders, and is often invaluable. Having the ability to access your family's medical information anytime, anywhere makes health care safer and more efficient.