FAIRFIELD, NJ - The Fairfield Police Department announced the arrest of Joshua Petrozzino, 19, of Clifton, for possession of synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia and for being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance on July 14.

On that date, at approximately 3:17 a.m., Officer James High. Jr. was on patrol on Route 46 West when he observed a 2007 Dodge stopped in the driveway of Houlihan's restaurant, with all of the vehicle’s lights off. The vehicle was observed to be occupied. This condition appeared suspicious to the officer and he decided to investigate further. At this time he was assisted by Officer Jeffrey Dean.

Upon making contact with the occupants of the vehicle, it is alleged that Officer High. Jr. observed both a grinder and package of rolling papers in the passenger side door handle near where Petrozzino was sitting. It is further alleged that Petrozzino was displaying signs and symptoms consistent with being under the influence specifically by having bloodshot and watery eyes and dilated pupils. He was arrested without incident. 

Petrozzino was eventually released on his own recognizance, pending a July 23, 2015 appearance in the Superior Court in Newark, N.J.