FAIRFIELD, NJ — A 32-year-old Fairfield man who attempted to flee from a member of the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office while in Paterson gave up after tripping and running out of breath, according to Paterson Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

According to Berdnik, the incident began at about 10 a.m. on Sunday when the suspect, later identified as David Caporizzo pulled out of Triangle Village parking lot at a high rate of speed, nearly striking the officer who was patrolling on Fair Street at the time. Caporizzo is said to have first started a traffic pursuit around the block before he exited the vehicle and ran.

According to police, the suspect attempted to throw a clear plastic bag over a fence, but it dropped directly to the ground due to its light weight. A small amount of crack cocaine was retrieved, and Caporizzo was taken into custody, Berdnik reported. 

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Back in Fairfield, several arrests were made during the month of June that included various charges of theft, drug possession and more.

Theft of Cell Phone Results in Incarceration of Fairfield Man

Steven Spry, 58, of Fairfield was recently arrested for after an individual contacted the Fairfield police to report that he had left an iPhone (valued at approximately $1200) in the back seat of an Uber that he had just been driven in. According to police, the individual tracked the phone using a GPS app to a Lebeda Drive West address in Fairfield.

Officers James Ciampi and David DeCarlo were dispatched to the residence to investigate further. Prior to their arrival, additional information was received from the Uber driver indicating that he had just dropped an individual off at a Lebeda Drive West residence and that this same individual had found a cell phone in the rear seat of the car and had taken it into the residence, according to police, who also noted that the Uber driver provided a description of the individual.

According to police, Spry opened the door when officers arrived and matched the description given by the Uber driver. Police said he initially denied finding phone in the rear of the car, but later changed his story—stating that he did find a phone in the Uber car but thought it might be his girlfriend’s phone. However, according to police, his girlfriend had not been in the Uber and the phone that was found did not resemble hers. Spry then turned the phone over and officers confirmed that it belonged to the victim, according to police.

Spry was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters for processing. According to Fairfield police, the charges were reviewed by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, and it was determined that he should be transported to the Essex County Jail pending court action.

Massachusetts Couple Charged in Theft from Vending Machines

William Silvia, 34, and Kathryn Boudreau, 22, both of Massachusetts, were arrested in Fairfield for two counts each of theft, criminal mischief and possession of burglar tools, and Boudreau was also charged with possession of a prescription legend drug, after Officer Nicholas Cocchi and other Fairfield officers were dispatched to the Comfort Inn, located at 286 Route 46 East, to investigate a report of a male and female arguing in the lobby.

According to police, officers had been investigating a theft from vending machines at the LaQuinta hotel located at 38 Two Bridges Road just prior to being dispatched to this call. Police also noted that a witness at LaQuinta provided a description of a male and a female as the suspects in that case, and that these two individuals were suspected in a number of similar vending machine thefts in area jurisdictions.

When the officers arrived at the Comfort Inn, they observed an unoccupied vehicle with its engine running that was parked in the hotel’s rear parking lot. At this point, Cocchi and Officer David DeCarlo observed a male and female running away from the hotel eastbound in the parking lot of the adjacent Dunkin Donuts parking lot, according to police. Both suspects stopped when asked and were identified as Silvia and Boudreau.

According to police, Cocchi immediately realized that these two individuals matched the exact descriptions that he had received earlier as well as a BOLO alert of unknown suspects from a past vending machine theft in Parsippany. At this time, both suspects were detained for further investigation.

As the investigation continued, officers recovered four capsules and one tablet from Boudreau’s pants pocket for which she had no prescription. According to police, it was also discovered that Silvia had an active warrant for his arrest issued by Mahwah Municipal Court.

After both were placed under arrest, officers observed several coins scattered in plain view about the interior of the vehicle as well as a pry bar lying on the floor. At this time, the vehicle was impounded for further investigation so that a search warrant could be obtained. According to Fairfield police, the officers also found that the suspects were in possession of approximately $533 in cash.

Check of Suspicious Vehicle Results in Arrest of Two Morristown Men

Lucas Cardona-Isaza, 21, of Morristown, was arrested for possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana and possession of a more than three-quarter ounce canister of a chemical irritant, and Oscar Naranjo-Bedoya, 36, also of Morristown, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Fairfield police.

Police Officer Felipe Maldonado was on patrol in the parking lot of the LaQuinta hotel, located on Two Bridges Road, when he observed a 2019 white Jeep parked in the lot with two occupants. According to the officer, suspicious activity from the occupants made him decide to investigate the vehicle, which was occupied by Naranjo-Bedoya in the driver’s seat and Cardona-Isaza in the front passenger seat.

Further investigation revealed that Naranjo-Bedoya was wanted by the Morris County Sheriff’s Department and was placed under arrest without incident, according to police. Cardona-Isaza was also placed under arrest after police discovered a canister of chemical irritant in his pants as well as a small amount of suspected marijuana. According to police, a few items of drug paraphernalia were also recovered from the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

After being charged, Cardona-Isaza was released on his own recognizance pending court action and Naranjo-Bedoya was turned over to the custody of the Morris County Sheriff’s Department.