FAIRFIELD, NJ - The township of Fairfield added three new ordinances to the official township code.

Ordinance #2014-13 provides for the regulation of pawnbrokers, pawnbroking businesses and dealers of secondhand goods. The ordinance requires potential vendors to register with the Chief of Police for the issuance of a license. Applicants will be fingerprinted and investigated for “moral character and business responsibility such as [the chief] deems necessary for the protection of the public welfare.” The chief holds the power to issue or deny a license.

The ordinance also requires the vendor to maintain meticulous records of the selling party (including name, address, DOB, driver’s license number, etc.) and report descriptions of the items to the chief. The vendor is also forbidden from disposing of the item within 45 days after the purchase - this includes selling, melting or changing the form of the item.

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The ordinance was adopted to combat fraud and the selling or disposal of stolen items. According to the ordinance, the chief made the case to the council that pawnbroking activity has “been negatively affecting the residents of Fairfield Township.”

Ordinance #2014-14 creates a flood damage appeal board to hear requests for variances and appeals.

Ordinance #2014-15 forbids the filming of motion pictures, television shows or advertisements designed for profit-making and distribution in residential zones. Exceptions include news media and limited filming for personal purposes that take place in the interior or immediate exterior of a residential dwelling. The personal filming cannot involve a movie studio or production company.

Filming in non-residential zones are allowed with a permit. Reasons cited for the ordinance include the negative effects of filming, such as the disruption of peace and order, the imposition of unanticipated costs and the necessity of additional police protection.

The full ordinances can be viewed at the township website.

  • http://www.fairfieldnj.org/ordinances/2014/2014-13.pdf
  • http://www.fairfieldnj.org/ordinances/2014/2014-14.pdf
  • http://www.fairfieldnj.org/ordinances/2014/2014-15.pdf