FAIRFIELD, NJ – Fall soccer season is right around the corner with Soccer Squirts classes in association with the Fairfield Recreation Department and U.S. Sports Institute providing classes for students ages 3-5. 

The classes include both girls and boys alike and will take place Saturday mornings from Sept. 19 to Oct. 24, from 10 to 11 a.m. with emphasis on such skills as “boundaries and exploration, movement with the ball, control, passing and shooting,” according to both the U.S. Sports Institute and the Fairfield Recreation Department. 

The core focus of the program, according to both U.S. Sports Institute and the FRD is  “maintaining participation and learning the fundamental skills of soccer through a variety of fun, structured activities all designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and develop motor skills.” 

The program will take place at the Fairfield Recreation Center. Information concerning registration can be found at www.fairfield.org , by calling (973) 882-2745, or by mail or in person at 220 Hollywood Ave., Fairfield.