It’s been an exciting year so far at FootprintID® and we’ve truly enjoyed traveling throughout the community. Each time we meet a new individual, family, organization or business, and hear about their healthcare challenges, we are reminded of why we created FootprintID – and of just how valuable a tool it is.

We have a number of educational speaking engagements booked in the weeks ahead, focused on the importance of self-advocacy in the ever-changing healthcare environment. We’re also excited about the discussions we’re having with geriatric care managers, home health care agencies, elder care attorneys, financial planners, and other businesses that will be providing FootprintID as an added value benefit to their clients, members and employees.

As we observe National Preparedness Month this September, we encourage you to become more informed about the ways in which a portable personal health record can help you organize your important medical information and access it at a moment’s notice. Let us know how we can help – we’d be more than happy to speak to your organization or with you one-on-one.

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Enjoy the Fall!

September is National Preparedness Month

If you or a loved one experienced a health emergency tomorrow – would you be prepared?

We all know emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. National Preparedness Month is the ideal time to prepare yourself and those in your care for any emergency – large or small. 

Being prepared can be life changing and lifesaving. FootprintID® is a tool that makes it easy for individuals, families and caregivers to manage and maintain health and medical records for themselves and their loved ones. It safely and securely stores information ranging from prescriptions, allergies and contact information to test reports, doctor’s notes and advance directives. Best of all, it’s portable and accessible 24/7 – which means it’s literally at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

As summer winds down and we “fall” back into life’s normal routines, why not consider making changes that will provide the peace of mind of knowing you’re ready for anything? For more tips on planning for emergencies, visit 

Empowering Women to Take Charge of Their Family’s Health

Moms and daughters wear many medical hats. We care for our children when they aren't feeling well, and often take care of our aging parents. We're expected to keep track of everyone's medications, allergies, doctor visits, test results, and all things health and medical related.

It's a huge undertaking, and our record keeping system is often a folder or stack of doctor notes, insurance statements, and random test results. The most important things – like our child's immunization records or our parents’ list of prescriptions, may not be up to date.  Knowing your family health history can make the difference in diagnosing conditions and helping healthcare professionals provide quality care. 

Here at FootprintID, we’re all about making life simpler. That’s why we created an easy solution and easy to use personal portable health record. PPHRs allow you to collect and track health information via a user-friendly web portal and pull up these records on your computer, Smartphone, or tablet.

So you and your spouse (or anyone you designate) can have anytime access to your children's records.  You and your siblings, as well as other caregivers, can share your parents’ medical information and health history.  And because this information is always at your fingertips, it’s an invaluable resource for school nurses, EMTs and ER staff, and healthcare providers. 

FootprintID® is a simple and affordable tool that empowers you to take your family’s health into your hands. And trust us – it will change your life. Find out more at 

Leaving Footprints 

  • The FootprintID website is now bi-lingual! Simply find the “Language” tab on our home page, click the arrow, and choose either English or Spanish. 
  • FootprintID President Beth Tofel was a recent guest on two caregiver-focused radio shows. Listen in as she shares the many benefits of using a portable personal health record.

           - Stephanie Erickson of Caregivers Circle: Click Here To Listen           

           - Toula Wouton of Toulas Tips for Caregivers: Click Here To Listen

  • My Virtual Home Care ( recommends FootprintID as an innovative technology that can     empower seniors to live at home for as long as possible. Visit us on their digital health page here (
  • An article about the “birth” of FootprintID was recently featured in a number of publications in both English and Spanish. Click Here To Read

Get in step with your health!

We invite you to make your family part of the FootprintID family. Membership for the first year is $40 for the first member and $30 for each additional member. Sign up is easy, and your portal will hold unlimited information that is accessible from any computer or mobile device via the FootprintID® Smartphone APP.

What our members are saying 

“My elderly parent was visiting one of my siblings and not feeling well. They went to the emergency room, and the advantages of being a FootprintID member quickly became clear. The ER staff was able to view my parent’s medical record, see the results of a previous EKG, and read the cardiologist’s notes. The irregularities were consistent with the immediate health situation, and they were able to rule out other possible issues, avoid repetitive testing, and provide the proper care.”  – Allison 

“My child suffers from a chronic condition, and her list of medications is too complicated for me to remember. Rather than struggle to keep the information in my head, I began storing it all in FootprintID. We recently went to see a new specialist who wanted to prescribe what turned out to be a conflicting medication. Thankfully I was able to provide the doctor with the current list right from my phone – and prevent any complications that may have resulted.” – Stacy

Are you a business owner or HR professional?

For a minimal fee per member, you can join the growing number of businesses that are providing FootprintID to their employees. To find out more about how our portable personal health record can benefit your team and your business, visit us online at or call 201-412-6487.

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