As members of the Caldwell Borough Council, Councilmen John Cascarano and Kris Brown take public safety very seriously. John is a former prosecutor at both the municipal and county levels. He has prosecuted matters ranging from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to armed robberies and sexual assaults. Drawing on this experience, both John and Kris have worked to ensure that Caldwell’s law enforcement and municipal court are staffed professionally. Crime has consistently fallen in the Borough.

Public safety means much more than being tough on crime, with various other risks to public safety ever present. First, we cannot forget the members of the Caldwell Volunteer Fire Department. They are true public servants who do their jobs professionally as volunteers. They deserve to be fully equipped (and they are), and an infrastructure in place to properly do their jobs. Caldwell residents likewise deserve it.

In 1991, the Borough did a study on the water mains in town. Turns out that the roughly 100 year old mains required upgrade. The capital project began yet, in 1998, it was stopped. It did not begin again until 2006. The upgrades have continued ever since and, although the upgrades should have been finished years ago, John and Kris are proud to say that today they are nearly complete.

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Additionally, Caldwell’s water department, within Public Works, has also updated all of our town maps with the new water line and hydrant information. These maps have always been distributed to our Fire Department, and the updated maps have been distributed and are located not only in the fire house, but also in our Fire Trucks and vehicles. John and Kris will always ensure that emergency response personnel always has the best equipment and information to get the job done.

Additionally, John, Kris are always looking for creative ways to preventively promote public safety. They have recently spearheaded an ordinance which will require homes sold in Caldwell to have an explosive gas detector before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Currently, only smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are required. As it turns out, the tragic fire which occurred last year on Orchard Square was very likely an out of control gas fire -- impossible to control until PSE&G arrived and shut the gas off. They have worked over the past year to research and vet a viable ordinance, and it has now passed unanimously with full bipartisan support.

All residents, even those not buying or selling a home, should consider buying and installing an explosive gas detector. They are available at local hardware stores.

Public safety is one of the most important things that local government can be involved in. Both John Cascarano and Kris Brown hope to be entrusted with the honor of serving another term on the Caldwell Borough Council, in order to ensure the public safety and general welfare of the entire community.