WEST CALDWELL, NJ - Math, science, leadership and community service was the mantra as nine juniors from James Caldwell High School, West Caldwell, received awards from the supervisor of guidance Vincenzina Shane. Shane presented the awards on May 15 on behalf of several universities, including Elmira College, Lawrence Technological University, Rensselaer Polytech Institute, the Sage Colleges, the University of Rochester and the Society of Women Engineers. The awards, presented to select high school juniors, are designed to attract the talented students to the various academic universities or to pursue specific areas of study.

This year, the students recognized for academic performance and community service included the following:

  • Erika Axe
    Axe received an award from the Society of Women Engineers. The award recognizes a female student for outstanding performance in the areas of math and science.
  • Iris Cai
    Cai received the Russell Sage Key Awards, recognizing academic performance and community involvement.
  • Nicole Kinney
    The Elmira Key Award went to Kinney. Elmira College sponsors the award that recognizes school and community involvement.
  • Georgia Mergner
    Mergner received the George Eastman Award that recognizes leadership from the University of Rochester.
  • Joseph Salter
    The Xerox Award from the University of Rochester that recognizes innovative approaches and information technology went to Salter.
  • Drew Siedel
    Siedel earned two awards, the Rensselaer Medal Award for Math and Science and the Lawrence Technological University award for excellence in math and science. Both awards recognize math and science proficiency, achievement and accomplishment.
  • Kimberly Theobald
    The Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony award, from the University of Rochester recognizing social justice and community service, went to Theobald.
  • Taryn Urban
    The University of Rochester awarded the Bausch & Lomb merit award went to Urban.
  • Hannah Weisman
    Weisman received the Russell Sage Key Awards, recognizing academic performance and community involvement.

“We are very proud of all of the award recipients, and congratulate all of them on their accomplishments to date,” said Shane. “These awards recognize students with specific academic achievements and those that have made a positive impact on their community.”

Award recipients from James Caldwell High School include (left to right) Hannah Weisman, Kimberly Theobald, Taryn Urban, Georgia Mergner, Erika Axe, Joseph Salter, Nicole Kinney, Drew Siedel and Iris Cai  Credit: Christine Corliss

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