Jonathan Lace and Henderson Cole are seeking their second terms on the Caldwell Borough Council. 

From the beginning, a fundamental plank in their platform has been accountability and transparency in local government.  They have consistently delivered:  clarifying the identity of sewer commissioners; eliminating nepotism in contract awards; and revamping the Borough website for usability and relevance.  Since their election, meeting agendas, minutes and videos are available on the website, expanding accessibility; now, meetings occur on the widely-used Zoom platform.  Lace has implemented a strong Facebook presence, and is available through virtual office hours, and, pre-pandemic, in-person office hours, including weekends at Rockin' Joe's.  Cole heads the Caldwell Community Center Task Force, a community-based group working to resolve issues there. delineates their accomplishments in office and their platform for their next term.  They also maintain a public Facebook page, Lace & Cole for Caldwell, where they announce opportunities to meet with them in person (masked, socially-distanced, of course).

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In contrast, their opponents are almost invisible.  Neither website nor Facebook page provide information about their objectives and plans for the Borough*.  There are no events, opportunities or offers to meet with them.  Does opacity 2 weeks before the election translate into responsibility after?  

If you value accountability, transparency and access in public office, vote Lace & Cole for Caldwell Borough Council.

*Their campaign materials routinely use "Town" instead of "Borough".  Are they unaware of the form of municipal organization in Caldwell?