Life Lessons through Hurricane Sandy

Everyone has been disoriented by the effects of Hurricane Sandy without exception.
Back in the comfort of the Parish House,  I would like to propose Twelve Life Lessons for your consideration:

1)    Family,  Friends,  and Community are crucial through crisis of any kind.

2)    The time comes for everyone to be a helper or the one receiving help.

3)    Inconvenience is forgotten;  loss of a loved one is remembered and needs

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4)    There's no place like home when human warmth takes precedence over any
       form of heat.

5)    Sharing a meal with anyone eases the stress and disorientation.

6)    Lack of power gets us talking to one another in person.

7)    When people know what's needed,  they respond generously.

8)    Elder people need to know they are loved and wanted.

9)    Patience is a virtue when the power goes down.

10)  First Responders are  "Working Saints."

11)  State gratitude before a complaint,  happiness occurs more often.

12)  Surrender oneself into the loving arms of God and His beloved people.

There are many more life lessons you learned through Hurricane Sandy.
Please send them to our e-mail address at
We all learn how to be better people through life's toughest time.

Fr. Anthony
Grateful Pastor

Father Anthony Randazzo is the Pastor at Notre Dame Church, North Caldwell.