NORTH CALDWELL, NJ – The North Caldwell Police have issued an advisory to residents regarding recent motor vehicle thefts in the area. The police are advising residents to lock their vehicles at night and to take their keys and keyfobs inside their homes.

“There have been several vehicle thefts in the area in the past week where keys were left in vehicles,” said the police. “Never leave keys or keyfobs inside a vehicle for any reason.”

The police said that residents should take the following precautions:

  1. Leave enough lights on to illuminate the exterior of one’s home and driveway areas.
  2. Report suspicious activity, people and strange cars to the police.
  3. Keep an eye on neighbors’ property and vehicles.
  4. Park vehicles inside garages, when possible.
  5. If a resident must leave cars parked in the driveway, they should make sure the vehicles are locked with alarms set, and that the keys or keyfobs are in a secure location inside the home.
  6. Do not leave dealer supplied "Valet Keys" in the glove compartment or anywhere inside the vehicle.  
  7. Do not leave valuables or anything containing personal information inside vehicles.
  8. Never leave vehicles running for any reason, while unattended.