NORTH CALDWELL, NJ — A string of vehicle thefts in nearby towns, including Roseland, Caldwell, Livingston, West Orange and East Hanover, has recently hit North Caldwell, according to Police Chief Mark Deuer.

Deuer said the vehicles in question were unlocked and that keys were left inside them. Due to the recent thefts in North Caldwell and surrounding areas, Deuer and other local police are advising residents to lock their vehicles at night and to take their keys and keyfobs inside their homes.  

If it appears that a vehicle was tampered with in any way through the night, police advise that the owner immediately contact the department. Police also advise individuals not to enter or touch the vehicle, but to allow an officer to respond, determine the cause of the situation and potentially collect evidence.

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Local police encourage Essex County residents to leave enough lights on to illuminate the exterior of homes and driveway areas; to report suspicious activity, people and strange cars to the police; and to park vehicles inside garages whenever possible.

If for any reason cars must be parked in the driveway, police say to make sure that they are locked with alarms set, and that the keys or keyfobs are in a secure location inside the home. Keys or keyfobs should not be left inside a vehicle for any reason.

Dealer-supplied "Valet Keys," valuables or anything containing personal information should also not be left inside the vehicle, including a glove compartment.

Police also encourage all residents to keep an eye on their neighbors’ vehicles and property.

Finally, police advise that residents should never, under any circumstances, leave a vehicle unattended while it’s running.

Any suspicious activity, people or strange cars should be immediately reported to the North Caldwell Police Department at (973) 226-0800.