FAIRFIELD, NJ — Ordinances dealing with water service charges, building-height measurements and affordable housing were passed during the Fairfield Township Council meeting on Monday.

Due to an increase in service charges from the Passaic Valley Water Commission, quarterly water rates will increase by three dollars, according to the council.

The quarterly charge for water consumed on a location from zero-to-15,000 gallons, which was previously $56, will now be $59. For a location above 15,000 gallons, for every 1000 gallons, the charge will increase from $4.75 to $5.

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The municipal water department will fill residential swimming pools located within approximately 300 feet of an available water hydrant at a flat fee to the homeowner or occupant for $205. Previously, the cost was $195.

As of Jan. 1, 2017, the Passaic Valley Water Commission increased wholesale water rates from $2,389.12 per Million Gallons per Day (MGD) to $2,508.58 per MGD.

With regard to measuring building heights, the township previously determined the height relative to street curbing in front of the lot. According to the adopted ordinance, other measurements will now be taken into account and placed in a formula to regulate heights.

The new ordinance will measure building height relative to a building’s relationship to the area immediately surrounding the building.

Measurements will include height measured ten feet from the structure at 20-foot intervals. The 35-foot height requirement remains the same.

The third ordinance amends the code relating to affordable housing maximum rents and sales. In order to comply with the Fair Housing Act, the township has Fair Share Housing Regulations that guarantee that low-and moderate-income units, called affordable units, are created with controls on affordability.

Previously, a three-bedroom unit had to have at least four-to-five people living in the unit. The new ordinance requires no mandate. Therefore, if a couple wants to rent a three-bedroom unit, they may.

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