CALDWELL,NJ- A petition has been created on July 16 to amend the Request for Proposals (RFP) to run the animal shelter in Bloomfield which serves Bloomfield, Glen Ridge and Caldwell and to push the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) forward before the July 30 release date.

Beth Cruz, president and founder of Shelter Showcase, is the catalyst behind the petition.  "The tax payers have repeatedly spoken on the animal sheltering issue and have been clear on what services are expected.   However, the current RFP blatantly goes against public opinion, and encourages bidders to use their own shelter rather than the Bloomfield owned shelter.   Tax payers most definitely do not want our local animals shipped to any crowded facility out of town."

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According to Cruz and other concerned citizens, the RFP in its current state is devoid of the necessary specifications of some of the following services: use of local shelter in Bloomfield to allow citizens to recover lost pets locally and enable pet adoptions, volunteer and foster program, trap/neuter/return for feral cats, comprehensive adoption programs and more.

CAPA is, “model legislation and should be passed without further delay”, said Cruz.  "I respectfully ask the current leadership of Bloomfield to rectify the serious issues in the current draft of the RFP and complete the process to enact CAPA. The RFP should specify that the animal sheltering take place at the animal shelter in Bloomfield, so tax-paying citizens may recover their lost pets and visit the shelter more easily to adopt.”


With over 500 signatures, the petition is still gaining ground before the July 30 deadline. The petition can be viewed at