WEST ORANGE, NJ - West Essex Cheer & Tumble Academy is now offering $75 off per month for your first three months. Register now at wecheeracademy.com/explorer-academy, use Code TAP to receive $75 off per month for your first three months. 

Children who take the after-school classes also qualify to receive a $40 per month discount on any of the gyms All Star cheer programs. Although this is not an after-school program, we do offer 30 minutes of homework time and assistance, along with 15 minutes of free time before jumping into gymnastic instruction.

Our after school gymnastics classes are highly structured and each child learns at his/her own pace.

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Welcome to West Essex Cheer and Tumble Academy!

Learn new skills while having fun!

Our gym was founded to service the athletes in the West Essex Area. As a mom and professional cheerleading coach I found it difficult to find a place in the vicinity to grow my child's and my team's passion for cheer and tumbling in a positive atmosphere. I, like other parents, wanted more cheerleading and gymnastic education prior to high school for our children.  

As a service, we offer classes that teach proper cheerleading and tumbling technique, classes for preshool age children, and competitive cheerleading.  

Our Mission is to develop enriched adults.  Throughout our lives, we work with others to achieve common goals; our program is designed to encourage this practice at an early age.  Though physical health is important, teamwork is a skill more valuable than tumbling or athletic ability alone.

Our philosophy is that every child can reach their potential through positive guidance & superior instruction.

Not only is it important to work together on a shared goal, but it is important to understand the importance of the word "community" and recognize things that are important outside of our own personal interests. To lend to this understanding our athletes must participate in at least one community service event.

For more information, contact Renee at (973) 250-9552 or renee.weca@gmail.com.