ROSELAND, NJ – With the unanimous passing of three ordinances at Tuesday’s council meeting, the Roseland Borough Council authorized spending $580,000 on capital improvements for the borough and the acquisition of a vehicle for the Water and Sewer Department.

The first ordinance to pass provided for the reconstruction and improvements to Roosevelt Street. The $315,000 appropriated via this ordinance includes a $280,000 Local Aid Grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation and $35,000 from the borough’s Capital Improvement Fund.

Immediately after this vote, the council authorized appropriating $212,115 for the reconstruction of borough roads and streets. This included authorizing the issuance of $200,000 in general improvement bonds or notes of the borough to finance these street repairs.

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During the public hearing regarding this ordinance, resident Janet Treamont advised the council that the Roseland Glen condominium complex has roads in need of repair that the borough has put off doing in what she viewed as a timely manner.

“When we ask for a repair of our roads, we are told there is no money. The town agreed to repair our roads,” said Treamont, citing an ordinance passed by the borough in 2000 that stated that Roseland may maintain the roads and streets in the Roseland Glen condominium development.

Mayor John Duthie explained to Treamont that this ordinance has been revised to include other condominiums in the borough.

“The Department of Public Works (DPW) reviews where the repairs are needed the most, and they get to the road-repair jobs that they deem are priorities,” said Duthie, who added that he only became aware of the Roseland Glen request within the last two months.

Duthie said that the Roseland Glen request for road repair is on the DPW agenda, and that the DPW will bring its recommendations to the council soon.

Borough Attorney Ethan Jesse Sheffet said it was important for road-repair issues to go through a prioritization process to ensure that one road is not being renovated over another because of political or personal connections.

Council member David Jacobs said that Roseland Glen has received recent service on its roads, stating that its roads were crack-filled by the DPW.

Duthie noted that the director of the DPW would be in touch with Treamont in the coming week to discuss this issue further.

The last spending ordinance to pass authorized the acquisition of a 4X4 2018 Ford F250 (or equivalent) vehicle for the Water and Sewer Department. The council approved the spending of $53,000 for this vehicle, which would include a utility bed body, ladder carry rack, emergency lighting and plow apparatus.