ROSELAND, NJ — Roseland Mayor John Duthie commended his fellow councilmen for passing a resolution supporting an assembly bill related to affordable housing, as well as Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi and Assemblyman Anthony Bucco for sponsoring it. The bill “establishes additional factors for municipal adjustment used in calculating fair share affordable housing obligations” and “provides population-based cap for these obligations.”

“I think it helps Roseland a lot if this legislation makes it through the assembly and the senate,” said Duthie. “I think it’s a very reasonable step in the right direction for municipalities like Roseland. To me, it’s a sensible resolution to how a municipality like Roseland can meet its affordable housing obligations without the destruction of the community.”

According to Duthie, this bill would establish additional, specific factors to be used in calculating the municipal adjustment for a municipality’s fair-share affordable-housing obligation. It also caps the number of units a municipality may have allocated as its affordable housing obligation with regard to the size of the municipal population.

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He also listed the factors that would be used in calculating the municipal adjustment, which include the population; water supply and sewage capacity; school class sizes and school services; public safety services; and public transportation and traffic in the municipality.

“These are all the things that this governing body has been gravely concerned about, and has expressed ourselves as being concerned about for the last couple of years when trying to deal with this ‘hold-your-nose’ type of mandate that has been thrust upon us as a municipality,” said Duthie. “I believe we’re all for affordable housing in Roseland—it’s about the market-rate units that accompany the affordable housing that are five times the count of the affordable housing. Roseland is not, in my opinion, a suitable community to build an additional 2300 housing units, as what could be mandated as our obligation by the state supreme court.”

In related news, the council also considered two ordinances establishing PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) at two Roseland properties during Tuesday’s council meeting. Click HERE to see how the mayor and council voted.