ROSELAND, NJ – The Roseland Borough mayor and council held a caucus Tuesday to discuss issues that will impact all residents; quality of life and financial concerns were a pervasive theme. 

The council introduced a bond ordinance which amended several prior ordinances. According to the official publication, the ordinance allows for various improvements to property that is owned by the Borough, including the installation of roofing, a generator, a HVAC system and "related necessary improvements" to the Borough Hall, located at 19 Harrison Avenue, Roseland. 

Within that same bond, a provision for the construction of a walking path from the parking lot to the municipal building is also included. The ordinance also allows for the "replacement and installation" of generators at the first aid building, the public works building and the Roseland public library. A public hearing regarding the ordinance will be held June 11th. 

Resolution 186, in which the Shade Tree Commission was given permission to remove borough owned trees that create an uneven sidewalk condition, was discussed. According to borough attorney Ethan Jesse Sheffet, the cost of repairing root-affected sidewalks throughout the borough would be approximately $140,000.

"In light of the cost and the fact that the borough does not have the resources in its budget to do that, the governing body decided that a property owner could remove the borough tree, but they have to to apply for a permit through the Shade Tree Commission," said Sheffet. The commission would in turn examine the sidewalk to see if it is appropriate for action to be taken. 

Roseland Police Chief Richard McDonough discussed an upgrade to the Police Laboratory Information Management Systems. The upgrade, which would allow the police department to digitally record and upload palm prints (in addition to fingerprints) to the Essex County Sheriff's office, the New Jersey state police and the FBI, is federally mandated. "[The system] comes in handy when we have someone we can't identify because the identification is instant," , McDonough said. "You can get a hit (positive identification) through the computer, whereas in the past we'd have to mail out [a suspect's] fingerprints. This is really good, in the event... that a [suspect] won't tell us who he is, we can find out in heartbeat." 

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Council President David Jacobs also discussed placing a new "Welcome to Roseland" sign at the intersection of Passaic and Eagle Rock Avenues. "[A new sign] will be much better sign than what was there and will last much longer than the sign that was there. We will get competitive pricing and start to move forward with this."

The next meeting of the mayor and council will be on Tuesday, May 21, at 7pm.