FAIRFIELD, NJ — The Fairfield Police Department is urging residents to lock their cars at night after two cars with the keys left in them were stolen and two additional unlocked cars had items taken from them over weekend in residential areas.

Police also encourage residents to immediately report any suspicious activities observed in their neighborhoods.

According to police, the areas involved in these incidents, which occurred during overnight hours, included Little Falls Road, Glenroy Road South, Liberty Court and Concord Road.

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“Once again, it appears that Fairfield has become the target of car thieves and that residents need to make sure that they do not leave their keys or other personal valuables in their cars,” said Fairfield Police Chief Anthony G. Manna.

On July 9, the Fairfield Police Department was contacted by the Newark Police Department and advised that officers recovered a 2017 Cadillac that was crashed and abandoned in the city. The vehicle was registered to a Concord Road resident and had not yet been reported stolen, police said.

Officers then went to the residence and found that the homeowner was unaware that the vehicle had been taken. The vehicle was last seen at the residence on July 9 at 1:15 a.m. and the keys were left in the vehicle, according to police.

On July 10, at approximately 4:00 a.m., Fairfield Officer Christopher Yoo was on patrol and flagged down by a Little Falls Road resident who told him that his father’s 2008 Acura was missing from the driveway. The resident reported that the vehicle was last seen at 2:00 a.m. and also had its keys left in it. This vehicle was later also recovered in Newark.

In addition to the thefts of motor vehicles, two other vehicles were illegally entered during this same time period and had items removed from them. One was on Glenroy Road South and the other was on Liberty Court.