WEST CALDWELL, NJ - Members of the West Caldwell Police Department raised $3,100 for the families of slain NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

The funds were raised through a t-shirt sales drive that was organized by Corporal William Styskal and Patrolman Patrick Cooper of the West Caldwell PD. The money was collected by Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct, which housed both Officers Liu and Ramos, and raised for the officers’ families. The memorial shirts were publicized and sold through the law enforcement social media site LEO Only.

“We were told that of all the orders placed, we were second only to the Manhattan South Precinct in highest number of donations by a single group,” West Caldwell Chief of Police Michael Bramhall said.

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“Members of the 84th Precinct were overwhelmingly thankful for all our support… we were so humbled by their hospitality and honored to be able to help the families,” he said.

The 84th Precinct and the West Caldwell PD exchanged shoulder patches as well. The West Caldwell PD patch will be displayed at the front desk of the 84th Precinct, along with patches from law enforcement agencies around the country who came to support the NYPD and the Ramos and Liu families.

According to Bramhall, over 20,000 officers from around the world attended the funerals and over $200,000 was raised to help support the families of Liu and Ramos.

“It was an emotional experience for the officers who attended the services and reminded them of the constant dangers that police face daily,” Bramhall said.