NORTH CALDWELL, NJ - The 2012-13 West Essex Middle School #Boyz Be Gone Select Choir and Group Director Donna Mateyka celebrated their wonderful 2012-13 season with a special award. In October, the group received the Grand Sweepstakes Trophy from the Dorney Park Music Showcase Festivals. The group was selected out of 40 participating middle school and junior high choirs. 

Choral Members
The choral singers included
  • Nicole Apicelli, of Roseland, grade 8
  • Bobbie Boettinger, of Roseland, freshman
  • Sarah Candido, of North Caldwell, grade 8
  • Brianna Convertino, of Fairfield, grade 8
  • Alyssa Cristobal, of Fairfield, grade 8
  • Taylor Goggins, of Roseland, home-schooled freshman
  • Natalie Guerra, of Fairfield, grade 8
  • Daniella Ignacio, of Roseland, freshman
  • Eman Jaber, of Fairfield, grade 8
  • Karin Maher, of Roseland, freshman
  • Elizabeth Schechter, of North Caldwell, freshman
  • Danielle Tabatneck, of Fairfield, grade 8 
  • Amber Tomlin, of Fairfield, freshman

Top row, from left: West Essex #Boyz Be Gone Select Choir members Bobbie Boettinger, Taylor Goggins, Daniella Ignacio, Karin Maher, Elizabeth Schechter, Amber Tomlin and Group Director Donna Mateyka
Bottom row, from left: Nicole Apicelli, Sarah Candido, Brianna Convertino, Alyssa Cristobal, Natalie Guerra, Eman Jaber and Danielle Tabatneck
Credit: Allison Freeman